Gogi Randhawa - Owner/Creative Director for Msndrstd Designs

Gogi Randhawa

Owner / Creative Director / Graphic Designer

Hi, my name is Gogi Randhawa.  – The pronunciation rhymes with “Yogi” for those of you not familiar with the Punjabi language.  I’m the creative director and sole proprietor of Msndrstd Designs and Primarily Blue Video. I am a freelance web designer and freelance graphic designer in SC. My journey into graphic and web design was very unplanned as I didn’t actually set out to be a graphic designer.  I’ve spent as many years as I can remember as a musician. I have earned degrees in music business management and electrical engineering.  Well as it turns out, the music business doesn’t pay the bills and engineering doesn’t give an artist a creative outlet.  Luckily for me (and for you!) I discovered web and graphic design along the way and fell in love.  After earning my degrees, I spent several years working at a large-format digital printing company learning about printing standards. After hours I did free work for friends and acquaintances while honing my skills and learning everything I could about websites and business marketing.  I landed my first two clients in 2001, and I still do business with those same satisfied customers today.  Not long after that I quit my day job and took the plunge into becoming a digital doodler and website builder full time.

I have been an independent web designer ever since, and I am proud to say that after all of these years I have a steadily growing client list and continue to love what I do. I have developed more brands than I can count, and I have helped design graphics and identities for MANY small businesses looking to unleash their presence in the marketplace.

In 2010, I decided to add video production to my skill set. I completed video projects for several bands over the years and thanks to a friend in the video industry I was able to assist on a few projects that helped me get on my way. Since that time I have been very fortunate to work on some high profile projects and continue to take on various video projects for the web and television.

On a more personal note, in 2008 I married my beautiful wife, Amber.  We have a 3 year old son and a 19 month old daughter, and our home is presided over by a fat grouchy hound dog named Hughes. In addition to web and graphic design, I still spend a lot of time composing music, playing guitar and recording in my home studio – Msndrstudios.

Contact Gogi Randhawa if you are looking for a freelance web designer or graphic designer in SC and beyond!